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This page contains information in relation to using this website, including:

  • Your privacy
  • Cookies
  • Legal disclaimer
  • Copyright
  • Changes to products and services listed

Your privacy

What info do I take and how do I use it?

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is software used across many websites which helps website owners and analysts understand how website visitors are using the site. I use this information to help me understand what I can do to make sure it’s as easy and enjoyable to use as possible. All information collected is entirely anonymous and reported in an aggregate way, so there’s no way I can identify individuals from it. If you want more information on Google Analytics, you  can find out more on Wikipedia (link opens in a new tab).

Page overlay

This is a graphical interface which shows how many clicks each link on the website is getting and how far down the page visitors are going. Again, this is only reported as aggregate data and is completely anonymous.

Information you give me

By this, I mean the details you give me when buying a print, arranging a one-to-one workshop or signing up for updates, such as your name and email address. I’ll only ever use this information in the context you provide it and will never ever share or sell it.


Like most websites, this one uses cookies. As with Google Analytics data, it’s only ever used to improve your experience on the site, and will never allow me to identify individuals. If you want more information on cookies, the BBC website has a great page which explains it clearly (link opens in a new tab) .

Legal Disclaimer

I’ve done my best to make sure that all of the information on this website is accurate and – where appropriate – fully up-to-date at the time of being last updated.

As with any other similar website or source of information, I can’t be held responsible for any consequences or loss as a result of information being out of date or no-longer applicable.


Please note that all of the content on this website – including all photography and written content – and all elements of the design of this website are strictly copyright to myself, and express written permission is needed by myself before you can reproduce it in any way. (This excludes sharing page content via social media, as long as it is correctly attributed to Dan Ford Photography.)

Changes to products and services listed

Please note that I reserve the right to change or halt the products and services that I offer through this website, for example (but not limited to) things like frame types, prices, workshop schedules etc. at any time and without notice.


If you have any questions please get in touch.