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New Print: Pulpit Rock

Here’s my latest print, taken during my recent mini campervan adventure round the Jurassic Coast.

New Print: The Ominous Calm (Pulpit Rock)

I wouldn’t say I felt the full force of the winter lockdown, but I certainly didn’t waste too much time once it lifted before jumping in the camper and heading out for a week’s mini photography adventure around the Jurassic Coast.

Photography from my Scotland Adventure

I’ve finally finished uploading my work from my photographic adventures around Scotland, when I jumped in the camper armed with my camera and a few basics (mostly Pot Noodles) and drove around seeking the best photographic locations I could find.

New Print: Carrick Sunset

This is Carrick Bay in SW Scotland, a stonking location for photography, or just perching yourself on the cliffs and watching the tide roll in

A cloudy night in Hurst

A slightly disappointing sunset yesterday, although after a completely white sky for much of the day, I was lucky to at least to get some definition in the clouds. This allowed for a spot of improvisation and a last-minute switch of tactics to a black and white long exposure. Hurst Castle is out at the… Read more

It’s photo season!!

The leaves are turning brown, the sun’s lining up nicely with the coastline, it can mean only one thing…