Tower Bridge


My first attempt at shooting anything in London and I couldn’t have been much luckier with the conditions – great cloud in front of me, great light behind me, absolutely perfect for a shot like this.

This was in that lovely time between Christmas and New Year; another Christmas had passed and it was my first opportunity to have a bit of time to myself after all the festive craziness. I was on my way to the National Theatre to see that year’s Landscape Photographer of the Year competition and thought I’d take my gear and see if I could get anything. The original plan was to take more of a traditional cityscape, with tall skyscrapers and such, but I ended up by this historical, iconic and impressive London structure on a fantastic afternoon, and this is the result.

I usually only ever intend to get one photo per session, however only an hour or so after taking this shot, I was literally jumping for joy on the banks of the River Thames. A very enjoyable afternoon/evening.

On reflection I genuinely have no recollection of how I happened to be at Tower Bridge. Luck was definitely on my side this day.

Part of the Everywhere else collection.

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