The Two Towers – Corfe Castle


In nearly ten years of landscape photography, there’s only been one time I was so overawed by what was in front of me that I nearly completely forgot to take a photograph!

Out early to shoot Corfe Castle in the mist, I’d already got the shot I was looking for, and with the sun having risen, it was time to pack away. To my surprise, the mist, which had been tailing off, had started to regrow in intensity, until, much to my amazement, the castle disappeared completely.

This was utterly surreal; a colossal structure which had been there one minute had literally disappeared in front of my eyes.

The couple of other photographers I’d shared the hill with had also disappeared, having left when the sun came up, so here I was, completely alone on the hill with a castle disappearing in front of my eyes and pretty much nothing to see but mist.

Then two things happened; firstly the mist dipped slightly, revealing the very tops of the two remaining castle walls, and as this happened, the sun began to peak through, right in the middle.

All I could do is stare.

It’s hard to explain the atmosphere in words, so thankfully, I came to my senses and nabbed two shots. Here’s the first, second to come soon.

Part of the Sandbanks, Studland, Purbecks and Poole collection.

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