The River Through Throop


This photo is the result of three of my afflictions. The first is that I can’t stay indoors if the sun is out, I just can’t do it. The second is that if there’s good light, I have to shoot in it.

So, out I came for a quiet walk, and back I went to grab my camera as these clouds started to roll in.

What I needed here was cloud in the photo itself, but a gap behind me which would allow the sun to shine through on the opposite bank for long enough to grab a long exposure, which meant a two-hour wait. After all that time, at literally the very moment everything fell into place, a family of ramblers decided to perch themselves on the fishing platform.

The result? Another hour’s wait. This is my third affliction; I’m not a particularly patient man, I can just be ridiculously stubborn sometimes, and once I’ve started something I just can’t leave until it’s finished.

Part of the Throop collection.

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