The Ominous Calm – Pulpit Rock


This is Pulpit Rock on Portland Bill, Dorset’s southernmost tip. It’s actually technically a manmade structure, due to quarrying in the late 19th Century which removed the rock around it.

The giant slab of rock was placed to provide access to the top – its resemblance to a Bible leaning against a pulpit gave the structure its name.

This photograph is from May 2021. I took it during a week-long trek around the Jurassic Coast in the camper, a much needed mini adventure after the long winter lockdown from the pandemic.

I fell in love with Portland Bill, there’s definitely something magic about it – I might even have to use the word “enchanted” – and it provided one of my favourite ever night’s photography. There are handful of photographic locations/angles within a five-minute walk, which is pretty rare, and I got a few other shots during my visit, I’ll post soon.

Please note: The dimensions of the photograph are very slightly taller than the options given below, i.e. 12 x 5.4″, 18 x 8″, 24 x 12″ and 36 x 16″.

Part of the Sandbanks, Studland, Purbecks and Poole collection.

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