The old fence at Loch Ness


Like most people, I’ve wanted to see Loch Ness with my own eyes all of my life, since hearing about its most famous inhabitant and all the folklore, fame and mystery around it.

Not once did I imagine that my sum total experience of it would be sitting on a log for three hours waiting for the rain to clear. But that’s exactly what happened, and just as the light was starting to fade, I got a very lucky break – specifically a break in the clouds and some beautiful late-summer/early-autumn light.

I’m reliably informed that the fence here is to keep cattle (and possible monsters) out, and it was a very lucky find, because it’s perfect for a spot of long exposure photography.

As ever, well worth the wait, and no sign of Nessy, at least until next time.

This is photo 10 of 10 from my 2017 Scotland trip.

Part of the Everywhere else collection.

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