The Night Gardens


This was a thoroughly enjoyable and unique session in the Bournemouth Upper Gardens just a few days before Christmas. Bournemouth does a fantastic job of Christmas, with great decorations, a German-style market and live bands playing. A few hundred yards away from me whilst I took this shot, perched precariously on a thin ledge under a bridge played a blues band, not very Christmassy, but who doesn’t love the Blues?

The distance between us meant that, by the time the music reached me, it was soaked in reverb, making for a nostalgic, ethereal and utterly unique atmosphere. This was made all the more other-worldy by the fact that I was completely obscured by the bridge, so no-one passing overhead could have known I was there.

Some situations are just hard to explain with words – which is just one reason I absolutely hate naming my photographs – but with the ethereal, reverb-soaked music drifting through the Gardens whilst people walked past lost in their conversations and oblivious to my presence, I think this is as close as you can get to feeling a little like a ghost.

A ghost dangling precariously over a foot-wide ledge next to a freezing stream with a Blues band playing in the background.

Part of the Bournemouth and Christchurch collection.

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