The Misty Path


I’m mostly a seascape kind of guy but having gone for a leisurely drive prior to a morning’s work on designing this very website, I just couldn’t resist heading back to grab my gear once I’d seen the woods around Hurn.

Caked in a crisp white frost, morning mist and shafts of light from the low sun through the trees and branches, they looked amazing, unique and very attractive conditions. I was lucky to be able to get back in time before the frost, mist and sunbeams disappeared – as they did shortly after grabbing this shot, and I ended up with one of my favourite of my own photos.

Not a straightforward shot because it meant shooting into the sun, which creates a huge increase in the range of light in the shot. This isn’t something that (in my humble opinion) Canon cameras excel at, but it did a great job of handling the contrast. Shooting into the sun can also give you an issue with chromatic aberration (colour fringing), even with Canon’s anti-fringing high-end lenses, but I was able to make short work of this with the minimum of post-production tinkering.

I’m chuffed with the conditions that day and that they hung around long enough for me to nab the shot, that my camera did such a great job of handling the extreme dynamic range of light, and with the clinical composition I managed to get in a slight rush. There’s also a surprise in this shot for the eagle-eyed.

Part of the Bournemouth and Christchurch collection.

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