The Lost Tree


I have no idea where this is. I mean roughly speaking it’s somewhere between the Cotswolds and the Peak District, or more specifically, about an hour off the M6 Toll Road, but don’t ask me which exit.

I took this on my recent photographic road trip up to Scotland, in fact it was the first ‘official’ photograph from the three-week trip.

This tree is in the middle of a field next to the…well, whatever A road I was driving down.
The weather had been wet and moody all day and was promising to get worse. There might have been a 20-minute break in the rain all day, and luckily, its timing was perfect.

This isn’t a huge tree but it’s certainly dramatic, its twisted, bare branches immediately grabbed my attention, especially in the strong and warm light which had momentarily appeared as the sun made a brief and rare appearance.

Shooting was pretty straightforward, mostly a matter of composition; the tree is clearly the photograph’s subject, but there were some strong lines on the field itself which leant interest and direction and therefore warranted inclusion; in this situation it just becomes a question of how much to include in order to make a balanced, compelling and visually pleasing photograph.

Certainly not for the first time in my photographic career, I grabbed the shot literally seconds before the heavens absolutely opened up, and I scarpered back to the dry comfort of my camper, much to the intrigue of the locals – take a look at the photo below, they definitely found it amoosing (sorry).

This is photo 1 of 10 from my 2017 Scotland trip.

Part of the Everywhere else collection.

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