Sway Bridge


A lot of my shots are carefully planned, but it’s great to just head out sometimes and see what you can get, especially when the rest of the world is seemingly a million miles away at work.

I love wood, I love bridges, and most of all I bloody love wooden bridges, and this was an incredible find, hidden behind a row of trees right on Studland Beach, not very far from the chain ferry.

I could tell you all about the stillness and rigidity of the bridge against the movement in the rest of the shot and what implications this might have about time, or about the footsteps on the meandering path against the blur of reeds and branches and clouds and what this might say about impermanence…but I’ve never been a snooty photographer, so I’ll just let you enjoy the photo and draw your own meaning. Maybe there isn’t one at all.

Part of the Sandbanks, Studland, Purbecks and Poole collection.

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