Mudeford Moonrise


You spend months planning and researching a shot, working out tide times and sun position and such things, only for the clouds to cover the sun and kill your shot at the last minute.

Typical, bloody English weather, etc.

So off you trot on the long walk back to the car and normally that’s the end of the story, but on my subdued walk, literally whilst making a rant on Facebook about the “bloody clouds,” I was blissfully unaware that a rare ‘supermoon’ was rising behind me right above the well-known (and unbelievably expensive) Mudeford beach huts.

Here’s the problem with shooting the moon: the higher it climbs, the brighter it gets; the brighter it gets, the harder it is to expose within the context of the rest of the photograph. That and it moves right out of shot.

That left me with one option, to do what any decent landscape photographer would do in those circumstances; leg it.

I’ve never been the keenest of runners and a rucksack full of photographic equipment certainly doesn’t help, but this was a race against time; I had about five minutes to run a mile or so back to the very spot I’d just left, before the moon disappeared from the scene.

So off I ran, leapfrogging the wooden fence into an ankle-deep bog, set up my equipment, composing the shot, focusing in the dark and making the exposure in three minutes flat whilst once again my passion for photography turned me into banquet for every mosquito within the local vicinity.

Amazingly, one of the most frantic five minutes of my life turned into one of the most serene, tranquil and popular photos in my collection!

Same place on a different day, taken with an iPhone.

Part of the Hengistbury Head, Mudeford and Barton collection.

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