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If you walk the along the beach the length of Hengistbuty Head, this is where you find yourself. It’s a relaxed and picturesque stretch of beach, and being a good 20-minute walk from the nearest car park means it’s always relatively quiet, even in the height of summer when the crowds are bunched up like sardines further down beach.

I hadn’t intended to come this far down – in fact I had a completely different shot in mind, but the moody clouds that the weatherman had absolutely promised me failed to materialise, so I had to find a way to make use of a hazy but entirely clear sky, and I had to do it whilst the sun was still offering the incredible warm light that you only get an hour or so after it rises.

This fence, surrounded by ammophila (sea grass), was screaming to be photographed. These are two things that, for me, epitomise the sea and all of the emotive imagery that can come with it. Not always easy to make visual order out of a plant that grows so wildly and erratically, and an additional challenge in making sure the fencing didn’t lead the eye straight out of the photo, so quite the compositional challenge, made in no way any easier by a savage pair of dogs barking angrily at me, much to the amusement of their owner. Nothing like breaking the peace of dawn than a pair of angry poodles barking at you. (Yes poodles, it was scarier than it sounds.)

Part of the Hengistbury Head, Mudeford and Barton collection.

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