Eas Urchaidh


This is Eas Urchaidh in Glen Orchy, and I found it by complete coincidence.

These rocks were seriously slippery – and I’m not exaggerating either, there’s a sign saying: “Danger slippery rocks,” which I handily noticed on the trek back to the van. This is one place you do not want to lose your footing.

But what made for a pretty ridiculous and comedic situation, in literally one of the greatest locations I’ve ever shot – was the rain.

To get the shot I was after, I was using three filters. (For the technically minded, a 0.3 soft grad, a 0.6 ND filter, and a polariser.)

It was raining so heavily that everything was getting wet. I’d wipe one filter and by the time that was dry, the next one would be wet, so I’d dry that and then the other two were wet again, and on it went like that, perched on dangerously slippery rocks next to a drop into a surging river with an umbrella wedged between my back and my backpack.

Two of the filters just slide out of the holder, but the polariser screws onto the front, so to dry that, you need to take the whole filter system off, which means that now the UV filter on the front of the lens is exposed and getting drenched. All it takes to ruin your shot is a single drop of rain anywhere in front of your lens.

Absolute nightmare scenario but somehow – and I genuinely don’t know how – I made it! This is definitely a location you could return to again and again – even with the same composition, you could end up with vastly different photographs depending on the conditions.

Incredible location, great fun and one of my favourite photographs from the trip.

This is photo 5 of 10 from my 2017 Scotland trip.



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