Corfe Castle Railway Station


As if having a formidable thousand-year-old castle ruin – one of the greatest ruins in the world – isn’t quite enough, the village of Corfe Castle has another ace up its sleeve; its railway station.

Visiting Corfe Castle railway station is like taking a step back in time, back to the romantic golden age of railway travel. From the wooden floors in the ticket office to the ladies’ waiting room – complete with early 20th Century luggage – to the period signs and advertisements, it’s a perfect replica of a bygone era when travelling by train was a luxury and an adventure.

For better or for worse, these times are gone forever, and this is something I wanted to put across in my photograph of the station; to capture a nostalgic whisper of this long-gone world in which we used to live.

There’s no better time to capture this atmospheric sense of nostalgia and mystery than at twilight, and when you’re shooting at that time of day, one of the key elements is in balancing the light between the foreground and the night sky; such photographs live and die on this one factor.

What this meant in practice was a two-hour wait, watching the sun go down behind the magnificent castle and waiting for the perfect moment when the level and colour of light in the sky would support the warm hue of the tungsten-lit station rather than fight with or overshadow it.

And here it is, my photograph of Corfe Castle Railway Station with the incredible castle which I’ve photographed so many times stood silhouetted in the background, towering over the village.

Watch the station live

The castle isn’t just for show; for most of the year, steam and diesel trains drop off and collect passengers on their way to and from the also-impressive Swanage railway station. There’s a video feed of the station on the website – you can watch it here to see the trains roll in and out right now.

You can also take a look at some other photos I took at the station.

Part of the Sandbanks, Studland, Purbecks and Poole collection.

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