Carrick Sunset


Five days into my road trip, armed with just my camera, my camper and a few bare essentials (mainly Pot Noodle) I reached Scotland.

This is Carrick Beach, I found it on my first night in Scotland. In the weeks running up to the trip, I worked out a great route through the whole country, and it lasted about an hour past the border before I concluded that road trips should be spontaneous, gave up on the plan, and somehow – and I seriously thank my lucky stars – ended up here.

Carrick Beach is unlike any of the amazing beaches in Dorset or Hampshire to which I’m more accustomed – this is a huge expanse of sand and natural rock, incredible in person but seriously difficult to organise visually enough to create a compelling photograph. I must have walked or clambered for a good hour and a half before finally settling on a composition, pretty much just as the sun was setting.

This certainly wasn’t the only time I struck photographic location gold by completely chance in Scotland, but there was definitely something special about this place, there’s just something I found deeply peaceful about it. I understand you can no longer do so, but I was lucky enough to spend the night there, camped up with the roof popped, sleeping right on the beach, next to the sea. This was pretty much exactly what I’d been hoping for from the trip.

Despite the lack of any serious photographs the next day, I spent a profoundly peaceful morning perched up on a cliff in the sun, watching the tide come in. Man it happens quickly, you can literally see it rising, so much so that the expanse of land a short walk into the beach became a complete island in about an hour. Absolutely incredible place, I’ll head back there again for sure.

This is photo 4 of 10 from my 2017 Scotland trip.

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