Bournemouth Pier


In the same way I’m unlikely to ever shoot Durdle Door, I made up my mind never to shoot either Bournemouth or Boscombe Pier. They’re both impressive structures in their own right, but there’s no shortage of photographs of either of them, especially Boscombe Pier, which has been covered from just about every angle and in every type of weather going.

But I changed my mind!

Feeling the need for some photography one evening, but with no transportation (and utterly fed up of buses) I made the 20-minute walk from my flat down to Bournemouth Pier, without any real expectations of getting anything serious.

The walk was well worth it – not only did I get two decent shots out of it – both this and the black and white Bournemouth Pier shot – but these two shots were the first examples of my work to gain commercial interest, gracing the walls of a local gallery and some choice local commercial properties.

Part of the Bournemouth and Christchurch collection.

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