After the storm – Barton-on-Sea


I have a very large golfing umbrella. Honestly, it’s huge, ridiculously so. I know that because my “friends” take great delight in telling me so at every possible opportunity. It was a running joke for at least two years.

It also has wind vents so it can withstand almost Biblical storms. I call it the Two-Tier Anti-Wind System, which probably doesn’t help with the piss-taking.

But I don’t care because, thanks to my ridiculously big Umbrella with Two-Tier Anti-Wind System, I can stand quite comfortably under a ludicrous amount of wind and rain and stay all dry and smug for hours, or at least until my arm grows tired, which admittedly doesn’t take very long. Combined with my camera’s Advanced Anti-Weather System (a large polythene bag) it means I can stay set up and in position to catch the incredible and rare displays you often get immediately following a storm.

Here’s my case in point taken at Barton-on-Sea. Very difficult conditions because even after the rain had passed, the strong winds were still chucking up serious sea spray.

But besides having to clean my lens and filters every two minutes, this was just ridiculously good fun. Watching this incredible, raw display of nature, playing away with different timings and exposure settings without another soul in sight.

An immensely enjoyable and smug afternoon.

Part of the Hengistbury Head, Mudeford and Barton collection.

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