A hazy sunset in the New Forest


I’m not generally a campsite kind of guy.

I’d rather go wild wherever possible, but I fancied a few nights in the New Forest, and that’s the only way to do it. So, myself and Bertie – my beloved camper – booked in for a few nights at the Setthorns Campsite. Turns out it’s pretty beautiful, situated under a huge canopy of trees, giving it quite a cosy, intimate feel.

Right on the outskirts is a huge expanse of open forest surrounded by rows and rows of fir trees. I don’t know if it’s just me that finds something mystical about these trees, but I absolutely do, I think they’re magnificent, there’s something ethereal and mysterious about them.

The New Forest can be a hard place to shoot. It’s diverse and beautiful and an enchanting place to find yourself, but not all beautiful places easily translate into beautiful photographs.

After several hours of rambling, I’d pretty much given up on getting any serious photography. I’m sure I’ve heard fables about folk travelling far from home only to come back and find what they were looking for in the first place, I don’t know, but this was seconds from the campsite, having grumpily called it a day and headed nearly all the way back to the comfort of my camper.

I’m often asked what I’m looking for when I photograph something, or what draws me to a particular scene, and I don’t think there’s a set answer. Sometimes it’s a nice arrangement of lines and shapes, or light and shade, but sometimes it’s just pure emotional connection, and this was one of those situations, an almost child-like connection with this beautiful scenery; walking through an expanse of heath land on a hazy evening with the sun setting against a backdrop of these magnificent fir trees, it felt like walking through a real-life fairytale.

Part of the The New Forest collection.

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