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New Print: Pulpit Rock

Here’s my latest print, taken during my recent mini campervan adventure round the Jurassic Coast.

New Print: The Ominous Calm (Pulpit Rock)

I wouldn’t say I felt the full force of the winter lockdown, but I certainly didn’t waste too much time once it lifted before jumping in the camper and heading out for a week’s mini photography adventure around the Jurassic Coast.

Photography from my Scotland Adventure

I’ve finally finished uploading my work from my photographic adventures around Scotland, when I jumped in the camper armed with my camera and a few basics (mostly Pot Noodles) and drove around seeking the best photographic locations I could find.

New Print: Eas Urchaidh

Here’s another print from my Scotland trek, a place called Eas Urchaidh, an incredible location along a long, narrow road in Glen Orchy, the Highlands.

New Print: Carrick Sunset

This is Carrick Bay in SW Scotland, a stonking location for photography, or just perching yourself on the cliffs and watching the tide roll in

A photographic walk around London Town

Before I was a “landscape photographer,” I was simply a photographer, or more specifically, someone who found great joy wandering around taking photographs.

New print: ‘Sunset at Kimmeridge Bay’

There are fewer more-worn clichés around than ‘rules are meant to be broken’ but, for me, this photograph does give it some gravitas. I suppose I’ve developed a few limiting photography rules and beliefs over the years, and I’m not talking about the rule of thirds or that type of thing, but more things like:… Read more

Scotland: a photographic road trip. (Some teasers)

I’m freshly back from a three-week photographic road trip around Scotland. I waited for the summer holidays to come to a close, chucked my gear in the back of my camper and took off up the length of the country with the principle aim of getting the very best photography I could. It was awesome…. Read more

Captured: The Loch Ness Monster?!

Here’s a photo I genuinely took at Loch Ness back at the beginning of the month, during my three-week road trip of Scotland. (Loads of new work to come from that soon…) Sure, it could be an out-of-focus stick, OR it could be the legendary Loch Ness Monster! Who really knows? Who really knows…?

Photographing Bournemouth University’s Talbot Campus

I recently had the privilege of photographing Bournemouth University’s Talbot Campus. It has a really intimate, friendly and warm feel to it and this is exactly what I wanted to capture, whilst showcasing their excellent new buildings, which I think are architecturally innovative and beautiful. It took 12 hours over five attempts and I’m not… Read more

Bournemouth University’s Fusion Building

I’ve been getting into structural and architectural photography recently. It’s still landscape photography of sorts, but it has a slightly different set of challenges. For me, landscape photography is about capturing beauty and emotion. Structural photography still needs to be emotive to be effective, but of equal importance are lines, form, shape and tone, whilst… Read more

A cloudy night in Hurst

A slightly disappointing sunset yesterday, although after a completely white sky for much of the day, I was lucky to at least to get some definition in the clouds. This allowed for a spot of improvisation and a last-minute switch of tactics to a black and white long exposure. Hurst Castle is out at the… Read more

It’s photo season!!

The leaves are turning brown, the sun’s lining up nicely with the coastline, it can mean only one thing…

A “window into a world…”

Meet Rob and Frances, who had a rather brilliant idea. Their living room window overlooks Bournemouth Beach, with the Pier down the promenade to the right and a few miles away to the left, Hengistbury Head. With a photograph of the Pier already gracing their right-hand wall, they were looking for a photograph of Hengistbury… Read more

It’s twins!

Twin photographs that is, both from a trek in Highcliffe at the end of January.

Welcome to the new website!

Well it took me long enough…but 18 months and two and a half web designers later, here it is, my new website!