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Although I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t intrigued by photography, it all got a bit more serious for me at about half past four in the morning in early 2011.

I was perched delicately on a cluster of slippery rocks with the Australian Pacific crashing not so gently around my feet. Just to help matters it was also pitch black dark, and unbeknownst to me, there was a genuine risk of me becoming a slightly hairy meal for one of the local “salties.”

Had I have known this at the time I would have run a mile, but I’m pleased I didn’t, because the ensuing hour – at the risk of sounding melodramatic – changed my life.

“My mission is to offer, through my photography, that same sense of freedom, peace and adventure that I have been lucky enough to experience on my adventures with my camera.”

I had taken my first “proper” photographic trek, with a professional fine art landscape photographer in his own native Australia, and I was immediately smitten with photography on a new level; the art, the science, the technology; the adventure, the freedom, the connection with the present moment, and the sense of aliveness.

Today, with countless more treks under my belt, I am happy to present my own photography for sale through this website.

My mission is to offer, through my photography, that same sense of freedom, peace and adventure that I have been lucky enough to experience on my adventures with my camera.

My dream is for my photography to sit on many walls as a window into a world which is more slow, calm, peaceful and wondrous than the fast, busy and demanding one in which we find ourselves much of the time; to offer a moment for quiet reflection, appreciation, and to remind us that we’re still alive!

I hope you enjoy,

Dan Ford

Photos from my very first serious landscape photography trek, back in 2011, with a native professional landscape photographer in Cairns, N Queensland. Thankfully, no crocodiles.

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I do the odd commission if I believe my style can fit your requirements and that I can fulfil your request to the very highest standards. Just get in touch.

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I’m afraid that none of my images are available as stock photography.

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