Photographic road trip to Scotland

Hey friends, how are you enjoying the wet and windy weather?

It’s got me thinking back to Scotland, when two and a bit years ago, I packed my campervan with just a camera and some bare essentials (mostly Pot Noodles) seeking solitude, adventure and of course, some serious photographic opportunities. Just shy of a month and 3,000 miles later, I returned, having found all three.

There were cows, seals (or otters, I couldn’t tell, they were too far away), rain, parking up for the night at an angle on the slant of a cliff top during a gale, getting applauded for a genuinely stunning piece of parking in Dunblane, developing a mild Iron Bru addiction, recreating an iconic James Bond moment and then driving 500 miles (there’s some irony there) back the next week to do a better job of it; more rain, the most welcome bath I’ve ever had, the first and only time I’ve ever shouted at anyone (fortunately, I was wearing an anti-midge hat/face-net combo, so I definitely didn’t look stupid), and even more rain; midges, sitting on a log for two hours by Loch Ness waiting for a break in the rain, and some serious, serious driving.

Among all of that, there was also some photography that I was and still am really quite proud of, but being me, the vast majority of them have just sat on my hard drive ever since, without ever having seen the light of day.

And then the wind and the rain came and made me think about my adventure, and I got to thinking that maybe it’s about time I shared them.

So over the next few weeks, I’m going to finally share my landscape work from my awesome road trip up the length of England and half of Scotland. Having been working with them over the last week or so, it’s really interesting to see now that they actually improved quite drastically as I warmed into the journey, and it’s some of my best work to date.

Really, genuinely looking forward to finally share them with you.