A one-day road trip

I chose a pretty lousy week for a photographic road trip.

The sound of rain on a roof is a beautiful, cosy thing; 35mph gusts and torrential rain when you’re trying to sleep in your van is another story! It’s loud, it’s violent, and it feels a bit like flying in strong turbulence.

This week, the gusts in Dorset reached 50mph, the rain has been ferocious at times, and the skies have been flat and grey pretty much continuously.

I did manage to get one photograph, over at Chapman’s Pool. I was planning on heading all the way down to the beach but I could barely walk, so I figured it might not be such a great idea.

Not all is lost though; I’ve spent my time going over my back log of photographs from over the past few years and I’m genuinely amazed at some of the work I’ve taken and completely forgotten about over this time. In fact I have around 30 prints which I’m really excited to rediscover, from Hengistbury Head, Sandbanks, Barton-on-Sea (naturally), Corfe Castle and even from my Scottish road trip back in 2017.

It appears I’m considerably better at going out shooting than I am at social media and keeping my website up to date, but I guess that that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

So some work I’m genuinely proud of appearing soon.