Scotland: a photographic road trip. (Some teasers)

I’m freshly back from a three-week photographic road trip around Scotland. I waited for the summer holidays to come to a close, chucked my gear in the back of my camper and took off up the length of the country with the principle aim of getting the very best photography I could.

It was awesome. Scotland is literally (and I really mean “literally”) breathtaking in places. The colour of the water alone is incredible, from dark blue oceans to black lochs. Clouds dance around mountain peaks, rivers rush down waterfalls and there’s every spectrum of emotion in the landscape; some beaches are so still and calm they have an almost healing quality, whilst others feel barren, hostile and untameable.

I’m really excited by some of my photography from the trip, I got some crackers, and I’ll be posting them in coming weeks (and probably months knowing how disciplined I am (not) with keeping my website and social channels up to date).

In the meantime, I thought I’d post some teasers…