Bournemouth University’s Fusion Building

Bournemouth University's Fusion Building interior

I’ve been getting into structural and architectural photography recently.

It’s still landscape photography of sorts, but it has a slightly different set of challenges. For me, landscape photography is about capturing beauty and emotion. Structural photography still needs to be emotive to be effective, but of equal importance are lines, form, shape and tone, whilst context can take a step back.

This is an interior shot of Bournemouth University’s new flagship building, the Fusion Building. It’s architecturally fascinating and engaging, with strong vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines everywhere, whilst in perfect balance.

I’m first and foremost a fine art landscape photographer and I don’t profess to know the first thing about architecture, but I know what I like, and I wanted to shoot this the second I saw it.

The urge in a photograph like this is to really emphasise the contrast and create  a dramatic, powerful photograph. You can pull down the levels and create a dark and brooding photograph, but in reality, the Fusion Building is open, airy and a generally nice environment to be in, so giving it the strong and dramatic feature would be doing it an injustice. Hence retaining the lighter greys and whites overall to keep it nice and light and airy.

I do love strong lines in photography, I’m a bit addicted, and I never thought I’d say that.