It’s photo season!!

Barton Rocks

I can’t believe that ‘Barton Rocks’ is one year old today! Not only does it feel like I just took it five minutes ago, but it also means something very exciting to me…photo season is here again!

For me, summer is a slow time of year for landscape photography in Dorset, not just because of the increased number of people who come to enjoy it (and who can blame them?!) but mainly because of the sun. From around May to September, it rises and sets inland, in the “10 and two position” if you like, which means that when you’re trying to shoot down the coastline, the best of the light show is either obscured in-land, or situated over buildings and structures rather than the beach.

So generally, I slow down on the photo treks at this time of year, but as the sun now starts lining up nicely with the coastline, to say I’m pretty excited to be getting back down to it is an understatement.

I have some pretty great locations that I’m excited to try out in the coming months, with the first one lined up for sunrise on Sunday, a high tide shot over in neighbouring Hampshire, so I’m hoping for a cracking first morning of my season.

I also have a few one-to-one workshops coming up over the next few months, and am pretty excited to be working on a sideline photography project at the moment, some architecture and structural landscapes on a central theme. This one isn’t a commercial project at all so the work’s not for sale, it’s more a labour of love, and one I’m pretty obsessed with at the moment.

So I’m looking forward to sharing more work in the coming months and being a little more active on this blog and my social channels.

As ever, your thoughts and opinions are very welcome; you can leave a comment below or get in contact here.