A “window into a world…”


Meet Rob and Frances, who had a rather brilliant idea.

Their living room window overlooks Bournemouth Beach, with the Pier down the promenade to the right and a few miles away to the left, Hengistbury Head. With a photograph of the Pier already gracing their right-hand wall, they were looking for a photograph of Hengistbury Head to sit opposite, acting like windows overlooking two of the major sights to the west and east of Dorset’s pretty stunning coastline.

On the About Me page of this very website, I talk about how my aim for my photography is to serve as a “window into a world which is more slow, calm, peaceful and wondrous than the fast, busy and demanding one in which we find ourselves much of the time; to offer a moment for quiet reflection, appreciation, and to remind us that we’re still alive.”

The beauty of fine art landscape photography is the sheer amount of detail there is to immerse yourself in; the texture and clarity of each individual blade of glass, pebble or ripple in the water. As well as this micro level of detail is the emotional response that the overall photograph can elicit, be it one of tranquillity and calm or drama and edginess.

It’s something you can keep coming back to again and again, putting your day-to-day comings and goings on hold for just a minute or two to stop and get utterly lost in another world, finding a tiny new detail each time.

Here they are with their brand new 36″ framed ‘Hengistbury Sunrise‘, an early-morning photograph I took in Autumn last year following several months of waiting for the sun to hit exactly the right position, and was greeted with a genuinely fantastic display of light.

Thanks Rob and Frances, it was a pleasure meeting you and I hope your new print brings you many years of enjoyment.