It’s twins!

Twin photographs that is, both from a trek in Highcliffe at the end of January.

The original plan was to grab a panoramic shot of the cliffs sweeping down towards Barton, but instead of the fluffy white clouds I’d imagined, a thick mist restricted vision to just a few hundred yards, quickly killing the shot dead.

However, as the sun began to rise, things turned a bit crazy. The mist, lit from below, took on an incredible browny-mauve glow, which in-turn coloured the entire view in a red tint, creating the most unique, eerie conditions I’ve ever seen.

I’ve witnessed a lot of sunrises and even more stretches of beach in my time, but never have the two matched one another so perfectly, creating a beautifully mysterious, peculiar scene. With the rising tide at pretty much the perfect height, and even some impressive driftwood thrown in by the kindly photography gods, I knew there was something pretty special up for grabs.

This was one of the most enjoyable sessions I can remember. Despite it being a popular surfing spot, I had the privilege of having the whole beach to myself whilst I grabbed not one but two shots, which is pretty rare for me as I usually only aim for one photograph per trek.

As ever, I hate naming my photographs and have no idea what to call them, so any thoughts are welcome!

Both prints will be released for sale on Sunday 3 April.

highcliffe-sunriseii highcliffe-sunrisei