About Dan Ford Photography

Without my customers, there is no Dan Ford Photography.

It’s true! So, keeping you all happy is really important to me, in fact I want to exceed your expectations at all stages of our relationship, from viewing my photography to buying your print and hanging it on your wall. Of course that’s assuming that you hang it on your wall – where you choose to put it is really none of my business.

I’ve based every part of Dan Ford Photography around some core values that I’d like to share with you. My aims are to:

  • Operate in a way which is honest, transparent, ethical and considerate of the environment.
  • Always ensure the highest possible quality in everything I do, from the photographs I take to the paper they’re printed on, to how they’re framed and delivered.
  • Always consider the needs of my customers and put these at the heart of every decision I make.

I’m really keen to hear your thoughts about all aspects of Dan Ford Photography so that I can understand if there’s anything I can make better. So, if you have any comments, thoughts or suggestions, leave a comment below or get in touch.